28 Jun 2013

Open City Docs Fest

Posted by Paul Gerhardt on Friday, June 28, 2013

Joined an interesting panel discussion at the Open City Docs Fest at UCL last Saturday. Other panel members discussing Copyright, Copyleft, Copywrong? included Peter Bradwell of the Open Rights Group, Lillian Edwards from Strathclyde University, and Haidy Geismar of UCL who writes about IP and traditional culture.  John Archer of Hopscotch Films spoke interestingly about the use of 'fair use' to provide clips for Mark Cousins' The Story of Film.  The panel was chaired by Roly Keating, Director of the British Library.  READ MORE

01 Jun 2013

Towards the digital public space

Posted by St├ęphanie Bouguet on Saturday, June 01, 2013

JISC is working with the BBC on RES: the Research and Education Space. It's the next phase in the development of the digital public space and due to be launched later this year.  READ MORE